By: Wendy Leibowitz

Mistakes People Make When Selling a Home

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You may have found that you need to put your home on the market much sooner than you anticipated. That could lead to making hasty decisions… and mistakes. Those mistakes could be quite costly. 

We are willing to guide you through the sales process. We are also here to highlight some of the errors that you could commit when you try to sell your home. 

Letting Emotions Getting In The Way
Yes… you may have spent many years in your home. There are a lot of memories that you hold dear. That doesn’t mean that the home is more valuable. 

A potential buyer is not going to know what you did there. They are going to see the place as one they want to build their own memories. So you should keep a clear mind when setting your price. 

Not Listing a Realistic Price
This one may be related to the first one - letting your emotions cloud your judgement. It can also be from not doing enough proper research - which could wind up with you getting a lot less money than you deserve… or even not even getting a sale. 

We can help you here. We can talk to you about what similar homes in your area are selling for and then adjust the price from there. Then you can focus on the important part: getting the sale. 

Not Budging On The Price
You might have a price in mind and you want to keep it at that. A buyer might have a different idea… and put in an offer that is not at the asking price. That means you should be ready to negotiate. 

The worst thing that you can do is have a price that is set in stone and there is nothing that can be done to move you off that. You need to know what kind of a market you are in and whether it favors you or a buyer. Again, a realtor can be a big help for you. 

These are just a few of the potential pitfalls that you could face. Trying to sell in winter months could also be a hard time and not putting up enough photos are also two things to avoid. We  will be able to guide you through all of this and lead to a satisfactory sale for all involved. 

Author Bio

Wendy Leibowitz 
A licensed Real Estate Broker working in the South Bay since 1985. She began her career with Sun Realty in Manhattan Beach. Wendy made a name for herself specializing in Single Family Residence, duplexes, and income properties 2-4 units.