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If you are interested in earning Above 10% Return on Investment by investing in Secure Private First &/or Second Mortgages this Seminar is for you. 

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Have You Heard of Private Mortgage Investing, However Maybe You're Not Quite Sure What it Entails, and Want to Learn More?
Well You are in Luck Because We have Broken the Whole Process Down into Brief, Informative Tidbits Just for You! :) 
We Have Access to Private 2nd Mortgages with 85% Loan to Value - Anywhere in Ontario!
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Overview : 

Chapter One:  Biggest Risk is Taking NO Risk!

Chapter Two: What is a Private Mortgage?

Chapter Three: Is this a Regulated Industry?

Chapter Four: It's Not About the Rate, It's About Obtaining Their Dreams

Chapter Five: How do Renewals Work?

Chapter Six: What's the 'Sweet Spot'?

Chapter Seven: Legal Fees and Appraisals

Chapter Eight: Your Hemorrhaging Account vs. a Private Mortgage