ROI Secrets

Peter has read and absorbed numerous Real Estate Investing books, cd’s/dvd’s, taken numerous courses, seminars and webinars.  He also has developed and teaches Real Estate Investing courses because he aims at leaving a positive legacy, which can be expanded exponentially. Peter continues to be a member in numerous Real Estate Investing Clubs because he knows the value of education is empowering with the right coaches, mentoring and networking.

To further leverage transferring ideas to pass on a positive legacy, Peter was able to partner with other successful Entrepreneurs and co-authored the International Best Selling Book, ‘Achieve’ and 'The Secret to Real Estate Wealth'. Profoundly Spiritual, Peter considers it a blessing to Inspire it Forward by Helping People achieve financial freedom, which leads to Lifestyle Freedom.

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - ROI Secrets (page 7-8)
If you were to visit Mount Everest for the first time, what would be the most effective way of learning how to climb thiis mountain? I think we can all agree that doing it alone would obviously prove foolish. After all, it is the highest mountain in the world! Did you know that almost 10 percent of Mount Everest climbers have actually died trying to conquer this natural wonder? As well, over 50 percent never even reach the summit. It's truly a monumental feat that requires expert advice and training. Leveraging the experiences of those who have already scaled this mountain successfully is imperative. Not only can it save your life, from a practical standpoint, it will save you a huge learning curve, protect you from potential disaster and reduce your chances of failing. It's just common sense! Unfortunately, 'common sense' isn't always commonly practices in mountain climbing or real estate investing. 

What does this have to do with the Rule of 72? Everything! The Rule of 72 is a mathematical formula that works each and every time without exception. This rule is an accurate way to determine how many years it will take to double one's initial investment principal. To calculate, first divide the rule number (72) by the interest percentage per period, which will give you the number of years required to double your original invesment. 

So, 72  / (divided by) return on investment (ROI) percentage per year, x (times) the original investment amount in dollars = the number of years it will take for your original investment amount in dollars = the number of years it will take for your original investment to double in value. For example, if you invest $100,000 into Canada Savinfs Bonds paying 2 percent per year, then (72/2 percent) = 36 years for your $100,000 to double in value to $200,000. Regardless of your current age, isn't 36 years just a little bit longer then you'd like to wait to earn that $100,000?  If it is, keep reading. If not, reconsider the example of the most effective way to climb Mount Everest above.

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Exerpt from Chapter 12 - Always Have a Dream Masterplan (page 145)
It seems that most people are financially stressed and work at jobs they hate. Why? Survival. They do it just to make ends meet. How unfulfilling is that? I admire the assembly line workers, who punch a clock robotically, then perform a series of repetitive routine tasks as the day progresses. Or the administrator who completes an insane amount of paperwork while keeping the office functioning at a high level. 

How about a parent who flips burgers at a fast food restaurant or runds a courier service? What about the teacher who wants to help her students more, yet is too financially stressed to really share her story with students who could benefit from duplication? 

If I could flash a magic wand so that people would be out of financial stress, then they'd be able to invest more quality time with themselves (personal development) and their loved ones including family, friends and associates.

I believe they'd be more aware of how to become a better person, parent, employee/employer, teacher, author, singer, entrepreneur, follower, and/or leader! They'd also be more inclined to live in the present moment with everyone, right? Naturally, they'd likely develop more expertise with their chosen passions. Thus, they'd be building and expanding win + win + win relationships with others, correct?

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