What Happens from Listing to Sale?

the actus reg team approach

The Actus REG Team Approach: What Happens from listing to Sale?
There are 15 Key Systems that Immediately Activate when we pull the trigger on your house sale to ensure you get top dollar in your time frame with the least hassle.

* Here are a Few of the Key Systems...
  • Immediate introduction of your house to our database of Buyers in Waiting.
  • Syndication of Emotional Response ad copy throughout the World Wide Web.
  • Property Search ads added to Google Search.
  • Social Media Marketing system ads created and launched.
  • City-wide Buyers Agent network notification.
  • International Buyer network notification.
  • “Buy this Home and We’ll Buy Yours” Trade Up Program.
  • Notification to Proprietary Network of Real Estate Investors.

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